Ocala Lawyer for Bankruptcy, Real Estate, and General Litigation


Areas of Practice


Real Estate. I have considerable experience in real estate matters, including real estate purchases and sales, distressed property situations and foreclosures, and the like. In my real estate practice I have worked on a wide range of issues related to residential and commercial real estate. They have included purchase-and-sale transactions from the time of the negotiations to the closing.

Bankruptcy. I also have done a significant amount of bankruptcy work. I have represented debtors in Chapter 7 and Chapter 13. I have also had experience working in other areas, such as financial elder abuse (including undue influence cases), and contests of wills or trusts.

Financial Elder Abuse. I have handled other areas, such as financial elder abuse (including undue influence cases), and contests of wills or trusts.

Real Estate and Probate Litigation. I have also represented clients in litigation pertaining to real estate, disputes with brokers, boundary disputes, and more. I have also represented both executors/administrators in probate litigation, including will contests and disputes with respect to the distribution of property under a decedent’s revocable (living) trust.

Appeals. I represent litigants in appeals, and provide assistance to other attorneys in the preparation of appellate briefs and arguing appellate cases.

Real Estate Title Litigation. I represent litigants in real estate title litigation and other real estate litigation, such as boundary disputes, adverse possession, prescriptive easements.

Preparing Court Pleadings for Unrepresented Litigants. People frequently want to proceed in court without the assistance of a lawyer. I am prepared to assist such parties. (This is sometimes referred to as providing “unbundled services” to the client.) There are certain pleadings and papers which are the foundation for either plaintiffs or defendants. Those especially include the plaintiff’s Complaint and the defendant’s Answer. Preparing such papers can be a substantial task, even for lawyers. I will prepare such papers for your signature. I usually do so on the basis of a fixed-price agreement with the client. Many clients prefer proceeding on that basis because they don’t have to worry about some lawyer doing the work at a high hourly rate and “running the meter” on the client.

Legal Research and Writing. I am available to take on various research and writing tasks for other attorneys or for non-lawyers. Such tasks would include preparation of research memoranda with respect to specific issues, preparation of motions for summary judgment and oppositions to motions for summary judgment, and preparation of appellate briefs. I am available to take on research and writing projects for clients in both Florida and California.

Law and Motion Practice. I have researched and written briefs and motions in many different areas of the law, including bankruptcy, will contests, intra-family disputes with respect to ownership of real property, mobile home litigation, insurance coverage litigation, and personal injury litigation.

Writing Samples. Below are links to some of the types of papers I have written in my own cases and cases for others. I can provide copies of these papers upon request:

- Bankruptcy. Appellant’s Opening Brief, before Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals, with respect to priority and avoidability of equitable lien imposed by state court.

- Real Property. Appeal from trial court’s decision that title may not be used in an unlawful detainer (eviction) case in dispute between a mother and son with respect to ownership of the mother’s residence.

- Government Retirement Benefits. Appellant’s Opening Brief, before United States Court of Appeals for the Federal Circuit, with respect to government’s denial of retirement benefits to widow of deceased Park Service employee.

- Foreclosure Defense. Opposition to demurrer of federally-chartered bank with respect to its wrongful foreclosure of residential property, its refusal to apply proceeds of casualty insurance to principal balance of loan, and failure to pay interest required by statute with respect to insurance proceeds it held.

For any of these types of problems, I invite you to contact my office online or by phone at 352-805-1410. You are welcome to use the Contact Us page of this web site to provide me with a description of your situation. You are welcome also to e-mail me at dennis@djshealaw.com. Evening and weekend telephone appointments can be scheduled upon request.